Full Circle

Full Circle Journal is a publication in process that seeks to explore connection in every shape and form through art, writing, music and science.


Here's what we're currently working on:

+ Designing and putting finishing touches on the first issue.

+ Searching for the best possible (in terms of cost & quality) printer.

+ Putting together the most amazing Kickstarter incentives (Would you like to help with this?)

+ Studying lines & storyboarding our RAD Kickstarter video.

+ Featuring all of the contributors who you'll see in Issue One: INITIATION.


We're looking for someone to design a Full Circle Journal tshirt to promote Issue One and to be used as a Kickstarter incentive. Interested? Email us with a design or questions at fullcirclejournal@gmail.com.


In the meantime, keep checking back here for new information about our progress, and sign up for our newsletter for exclusive news! Also, our facebook, twitter, instagram and tumblr are always TOTALLY HAPPENIN', dude.

Today's background image is in honor of us FCJ'ers' upcoming camping trip this weekend and is from A Passport Affair.