Exploring our ideas of connection through writing, photos, music, art, and science.

Drawing from the concept that something can "come full circle," which has the tendency to move us from one idea to another—be it back to an original idea, or onward to a different one—we define this journal as a living, breathing verb because connections are all in motion—bending to each of our own experiences. In each issue, we aim to capture the smallness of our moments standing next to the vastness of our possibilities—leaving every idea of connection we share to sit with you for a while, as you connect on your own.

As experiential human beings, we thrive off of these moments of revelation because they offer an insight into our own selves: what we hear, see, feel, touch, smell, taste and believe in. With biannual themes to guide potential contributors, we will curate a wide variety of submissions to be featured in each upcoming issue. We may discover our concepts are similar in nature, or that connections remain a giant mystery worth future exploration. 


Illustration by Gel Jamlang for Issue One's cover